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About me

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My name is Brian Davis.  I've been providing tax and accounting services in the Washington DC area for close to 30 years now. I've worked with very small firms and very big firms, and firms that fell somewhere in between.  I've worked with some ultra-wealthy, high net worth individuals to people just starting out with not a penny to their name.  I've worked with big businesses and small businesses, start-ups and existing businesses, successful businesses and a few failing businesses. 

I'm a CPA licensed in Virginia and DC.  I have an undergraduate degree in accounting and a graduate degree in tax, both from George Mason University.

I've got a wife, two kids, and a dog. Well, I had a dog.  That was a sad story.

I live in the city on Capitol Hill.  

I ride a bike to and from work and most weeks cover between 80 to 100 miles on the bike.  

This is my second accounting and tax business. I saw my first one burn up in a fire.  There is nothing more cleansing than watching your business burn up in a fire.  I recommend avoiding it if you can.

i would love the chance to get to talk to you about your financial matters and how I can help you achieve your goals. Call me.